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Our philosophy is different from that of most of our competitors. We believe that the design and development of business applications must be based on very thorough knowledge of market needs.

Collaborative applications

Since our designers are professional users who initially worked in the business world, we know the needs of the market. We know that the functionalities of our products are only as good as the foundation on which they are based. Our product development is based on carefully designed technological platforms, which always encompass five fundamental qualities: timeliness, openness, reliability, evolution and security

Our goal is to enable users to collaborate in a completely professional way in the “cloud”. By combining our market expertise and our development methodology we have created the required complex processes and task automation.

Our product design and development follows specific rules, ensuring that our products:

  • Always comply with the rules of ethical conduct required for professional work
  • Allow for the completion of complex work requiring collaboration between several users
  • Provide quick and organized collaboration
  • Provide cradle-to-grave protection of data and metadata integrity
  • Guarantee secure information access during the development process and storage in corporate databases
  • Maintain a continuous chain of trust when assigning company user roles.