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Companies operating in the cloud must ensure the security of their electronic business processes. We are one of the few companies that can implement appropriate technical solutions that take into account both security needs and the reality of the “cloud”: Are the people I’m interacting with in the “cloud” really who they claim to be?

Public Key Infrastructure

The Clawd Technologies team is comprised of Public Key infrastructure (PKI) specialists. With PKI, digital certificates are issued so that cryptographic operations, such as encryption and digital signature, are directly linked to the object in electronic transactions.

As a result, the object offers the following features

  • Confidentiality: only the legitimate recipient (or the owner) of a data block or message can obtain a legible version of it
  • Authentication: secure identification of the producer or logged-in user sending a data block, a message, or connecting to the system
  • Integrity: guarantee that a data block or a forwarded message has not been altered, accidentally or intentionally

With PKI, guarantees are provided by the application of a rigorous identity verification process and the implementation of reliable cryptographic solutions. These conditions are essential to the production and management of certificates.

Clawd Technologies has been an innovator in identity verification and we will continue to make improvements. Our procedures, which are pending patent application, are unique. Prior to issuing a digital certificate, we provide face-to-face identification of an individual. This procedure is the basis for a rigorous but very simple process that means document management and collaborative process applications can benefit from the advantages associated with using the Clawd Technologies chain of trust (patent pending).