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Clawd Technologies develops and hosts applications for professionals and business people. We are committed to offering solutions that meet their standards and constraints, related both to ethics and the protection of sensitive information.

Our objectives

We have designed our services to meet the following objectives:

Conform to Canadian legislation and regulations relating to information technologies, especially with respect to handling and conserving documents, as well as protecting personal information.

Exceed professional requirements of the bars and professional societies and orders to help professionals meet their legal obligations. Consequently,

  • Canadian client data reside only on Canadian territory;
  • Stored data are available for use as evidence;
  • Data are never destroyed, users can retrieve them at any time;
  • Mechanisms are in place to address death and termination of a practice;
  • As required by law, data can be shared with professional associations, as needed.

Offer quality of service that matches the most demanding hosting sites, including:

  • Reliability, link redundancy, power-supply security, server redundancy;
  • Physical security, including a concrete building with controlled-access and motion-detection recording;
  • Logical security, periodically reviewed by external experts.

Regular data-back-up by a third party, Iron Mountain. In the event of a disaster, data are encrypted and can only be recovered by its owners. Data remain the property of our clients.

Transaction management

All operations in a secure-zone session through our online services are encrypted to ensure confidentiality during the transfer between our secure site and users’ web browsers. That is why accessing this service always requires use of the latest versions of Microsoft Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Chrome and Safari browsers, which support the SSL2.0, 128-bit Protocol. SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer, which provides several layers of protected connection. This protocol permits server authentication and encryption of the data exchanged. As a result, transferred data can only be decoded by authorized persons.


Access to our services is controlled by a firewall. This is a safety mechanism that filters all requests for access to an Internet site in order to neutralize any illegal penetration attempt.


We are confident in our systems and the way they have been established. But we also believe that nothing can replace an external verification.
That is why we have started certification procedures, under both ISO 27001 and CICA chapter 5900 (e.g., SAS70).